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Bouncing Souls - Hate
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The Bouncing Souls


The Green Ball Crew E.P. (1993, Chunksaah Records)

A great track from the early days of the Bouncing Souls. This song is one of my favorites from the Souls collection, but you never really hear about any of those from that era. It’s a song about trying to understand prejudice and wondering if people understand how toxic they are to each other.


I wanna change the color of my skin so I can know what it’s like
To walk down the street
A stare of hate

Would it break my will?
Would i want to kill?

If they close their eyes, would they ever see the difference?
If they closed their ears, would it matter anyway?
If they closed their mouth, do you think they’d ever listen?
If they closed their mind, would they ever learn?

I wanna change for one day so I could be inside the head of hate
Then I would know what it’s like to hate

Hate is the air
You can see it, read it, hear it, and feel it
It hides behind smilling faces
Smiling faces of fear
Happy faces of hate

Pretty faces of prejudice
Sickly faces, ugly faces, wrinkled faces, decrepit faces of hate
The everyday faces of hate

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